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Court Booking App

Booking Tutorial

Easy step-by-step guide on how to make a booking using AFA app.
Essentially, you have 3-ways to make bookings. Find out which suits you best!

Court Booking

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Download AFA Sports Venue Booking App from App Store or Play Store.

This is AFA Homepage

We understand that it might be confusing for you when you landed on AFA homepage for the first time. So here are the guidelines for you to understand better. 

Court Booking Tutorial


Search Complex

Once you've arrived at the complex's page, click Search Complex.

Court Booking Tutorial


Type Complex Name

If you know the sports complex's name, type it in the search box

Court Booking Tutorial


Check Logo

Once you see the correct logo or sports complex name, click on the logo

Court Booking Tutorial


Make a Booking

Click Make a Booking if you don't know which complex to play.

Court Booking Tutorial


Fill Up Necessary Field

1. Choose your Favourite Sport

2. Choose Booking Date

3. Choose Location

4. Choose Booking Time
5. Play Duration

Court Booking Tutorial


Choose Favourite Sport Complex

Choose complex directly from homepage.

Court Booking Tutorial


Facilities, Choose Sport

Choose your favourite sport!

Court Booking Tutorial


Click Book Now

Don't forget to go thru the description!

Court Booking Tutorial


Choose Date, Time & Play Duration

Make sure you choose the correct time!

Court Booking Tutorial


Choose Court Number

Choose as many courts as you like! 

Court Booking Tutorial


Total Cost

The total cost of your booking!

Court Booking Tutorial


Booking Summary

This is the Booking Summary, please double triple check for the correct info before you click confirm booking for payment! 

That's it!

Feel free to call AFA for any inquiry! 

AFA Customer Service 016 - 293 0845

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