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What are the benefits of AFA app?

It is the fastest and simplest way to book your courts. Why spend time calling one complex to another? Also, you will get reward points every time you made a booking. Once you have enough points, you can redeem a free session totally on AFA! 


Auto-Lighting. You can switch on your court light! No more walking so far to the counter just to switch on court light. At your court, Scan QR Code, and start your session! Exciting, right? Try it on your own! 


Friend's Invitation. What if your group leader is absent or late, all you need to do is simply ask the Group Leader to invite the team members in AFA app. At “Upcoming” click an icon with the + symbol, then search for your friends and invite them. Simple and easy, no headache!


Do I need to pay to use this app?

No, this application is absolutely free to use. It is easy to use sports venue booking venue designed to make your life easier! We have many venue partners all around Malaysia. More Information.

How to invite friends?
Go to your upcoming booking, click the green user icon, type your friend’s name in the search box or scroll down to search, click invite and your friend will be added automatically (make sure they have already downloaded AFA App and signed up). More Information.


During certain hours I always have trouble getting a court. How can AFA help me?

We have an advanced filtering system to help users see which courts are available at the nearest proximity to you. That way, users don’t have to spend time searching one by one on which court(s) will be available. Choose your preferred date, time, and play duration. After that, you will see the available courts that you can choose directly. More Information.


How to make a booking?

Here is the booking tutorial link:

Where do I find my receipts?​
Make sure your email is reachable, once your payment is successful, you will receive an email from AFA that your booking is successful and confirmed attached with the e-receipts

How to switch on the court's light?
AFA Link empowers users to automate court lighting, no more going to the counter, directly scan QR Code, and start playing! Go to your upcoming, click Scan QR Code (Qrcode can usually be found near the pole), then wait for a few seconds for the lights to switch on (Depending on the internet connection)! More information.


I can’t find my booking confirmation what should I do?

A booking summary can be attained within AFA app as well as your registered email. In case you worry about losing both, you can always share your booking with your fellow friends via AFA booking sharing link.


How do I get a refund?

Refund Policy

You need to make sure that your cancellation is following the requirements of the AFA Cancellation Policy. Refunds will be sent to your registered email with AFA User App. Below is the example of scenarios for the canceled booking; 


TIER 1 REFUND: Flexible cancellation policy 

Get a full refund of court fees (everything but the service fee) if you cancel at least 48 hours before check-in.


“Example: Adam book a court on 8:00 pm, 3rd January 2020. He cancels his booking at 7:30pm on 1st January 2020. Adam gets a full refund of court fees after deducting the service fee.” 


TIER 2 REFUND: Strict cancellation policy 

Get a 50% refund of court fees if you cancel 24 hours before check-in. 

Cancel with less than 24 hours notice, and court(s) spent are not refunded. 

Example 1:  “Adam book a court on 8:00 pm, 3rd January 2020.  He cancels his booking at 7:59 pm on 2nd January 2020. Adam gets a 50% refund of court fees after deducting the service fee.” 


Example 2:Adam book a court on 8:00 pm, 3rd January 2020. He cancels his booking at 8:01 pm on 2nd January 2020. Adam gets 0% refund of court fees after deducting the service fee.


Will you provide regular updates?

Yes, of course. We will constantly update our app to serve you better. Keep up to date with the latest deals for your bookings especially during holidays and festive seasons to make sure you are up to fit and enjoy ultimate fun! Just make sure to click install when the pop-up appears in your account.


How do I report a problem to AFA?

You can always contact us via our website, mobile app, or even our social media: Facebook, or Instagram. Check on Contact Us for more information that you can find inside AFA App or directly WhatsApp us at 016 293 0845.




Q) Can I see the software and its feature?

A) Contact us at: (GENERAL EMAIL ADDRESS) or our contact number (COMPANY CONTACT NUMBER) and our team will be happy to arrange a demonstration to show you our product and see how it could help you. All of this without any commitment. Go to the link.


Q) Is there a free trial?

A) Yes, all you need to do is to schedule an appointment with our helpful sales assistant and we will activate your free trial prior to our meeting.

Q) Can this software be used in multi-sports centers?

A) Yes! Our software is designed to manage all types of clubs and sports facilities.


Q) Is all data stored?

A) Yes! All your data will be available through our software so you can see all your information on your analytics and finance pages.


Q) How long does it take to configure the software for my company?

A) Our software is designed so that you can do everything yourself in an instant. It will take about 10 minutes to get your venue ready and our team members will be there to assist you.


Q) How long will it take for my team to be trained?

A) With the sports complexes that we already have using our software, we have seen that the teams adapt perfectly to the new management software. If a formative session is needed, a member of our team could arrange a face-to-face or video session with your team. In this session, we teach all of your team members all aspects of our software. For questions and help when the software is already being used in the center, our support department will be happy to help you through our Feedback button or through our email: (GENERAL EMAIL ADDRESS)


Q) How much does the software cost?

A) Our software is totally free. The only thing we receive is a minimum commission on the reservations made through our mobile app.


Q) Are they any hidden costs?

A) No! The only thing we receive is a minimum commission on the reservations made through our mobile app for users.

Q) Can I create different users for the employees?

A) Yes! Our software is designed so that you can create individual users for all your venue administrators and other personnel.

Q) Where can my users download the user app?

A) Our app is available in the App Store and Google Play so that your users can book your courts from wherever they are INSTANTLY!

Q) What sports can be managed for this software?

A) Our software can be used with the type of sport imaginable. If you find a sport that is not available, please contact us at (GENERAL CONTACT NUMBER) or through our contact email address: (GENERAL EMAIL ADDRESS).


Q) Can I manage multiple venues from the same application)

A) Sure! Our software has been created so that you can manage multiple sports venues from a single account. This provides companies of multiple sports venues with a portal to manage all their venues from a single location.


Q) Do I have to pay anything to have multiple users?

A) No! After creating your company page and your first complex, you will have the option to create users for your team members and assign them different permissions and roles. This has no additional cost since our application is free forever.


Q) How can I get the new version of the software?

A) Our software will automatically update from App Store / Play Store


Q) How can I prevent double-bookings?

A) Our system is live synchronized.



If you have more questions, please ask us @


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