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5 Stages of Griefs & How Covid-19 changes lives forever

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

As Covid-19 continues to rage the world, from the initial Covid-19 virus and now with different variants, human population is facing one of the most challenging times ever.

Yes, some of us still living in disbeliefs. We try to retaliate because life was busy, it was awesome; we all missed the good old days. Those days that we all complained about the weekdays, the number of hours we need to stuck in traffic; and celebrating the weekends while complaining that it was too short.

But deep down, we know, the world is not going to be the same anymore. These 18 months or so, who keep count? We have seen ourselves living different stages of griefs.


We all heard the sayings..

“This is going to end in no time.”

Some politician might say, “Fake news”

“Only the unlucky ones will get Covid..”

Those words above sound familiar? They certainly don’t age well.


Why do we need to wear mask? Why can’t we travel? Why are you making me stay home?

Why are you closing my business? How do I survive?


Ok, let’s stay home for a bit and life will get back to normal…


This definitely don’t look like its going to end soon.


Looks like this is going to stay for a long time. We really need to start learning how to live with it.

Here’s the truth, Covid-19 is likely going to stay for years or even decades. The faster we all could accept it, the faster we all can proceed to do the right next move. Let’s all focus on getting enough people to be vaccinated. You might still get covid after vaccines, but it will certainly reduce the severity of the symptoms.

What’s going to happen after this?

Since it is unlikely the world is going to return to the way it was, as much as many of the traditional business would like, you can see many trends already taking its course to shape the world.

Take education for example, online classes seemed to be the norm right now for our kids. A true digital era is going faster than it was initially predicted. While many traditional businesses suffer, those that adopted digitally, thrived.

The environment circumstances have force changes that those who can’t catch up will have tough time trying to survive the “Old Ways”. It is more important than ever that we must find ways to survive by lifting each other up. We need to address the fact that the economy is suffering, it is struggling to adjust itself to the new normal. We are all in transition - together.

Government’s role is being tested; the public debt is at all time high creating a financial challenge especially for commoners.

So, what are the role of startups like us? We were meant to disrupt the industry, but what does it mean for us if the industry is already being disrupted by the pandemic? AFA will continue our mission to bring progressive change on how the industry function for when this is just the right time when the world needs it more than ever before.

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