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Why changing the way how you sports?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Despite the odds, this startup was born and raised in the Pandemic.

This was written as reminder, justifying the purpose of starting and setting the destination.

Athletes For Athletes is a movement, it is a solution, it is a statement.

AFA is where it is today because of a simple believe by the people that started it and the people that supported it. We are totally onboard with the saying that we are our biggest prospects.

Badminton Racket & Shuttlecock at badminton court
Badminton Racket & shuttlecock at badminton court

We wanted to solve the problems the sports community faced, despite many people claimed that the problem isn’t big enough that worth solving. Maybe if you think how GRAB first started, many might think that Taxi is Taxi, why would anyone thought about wanting to change the way people hailing Taxi?

We are grateful for the opportunity. We wanted to give tribute to the businesses that failed before us while attempting to fix the pothole. Maybe the time wasn’t right for them. Maybe it was meant for us.

AFA belongs to the community, built by people that is looking to solve the real problem and to alleviate the life of the community, not what we can put in our pocket as fast as possible. We are building a culture and a societal behaviour. AFA is envisioned to be a vehicle that use by millions of sports enthusiasts around the nation and perhaps to be use by people around the globe, one day.

Change how you sports today, download AFA here:

If you are a sports venue operator, click here:

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